Humanistic Management seeks to integrate human values into the corporate sector. It pursues a respect-for-living approach, where businesses, investors, and organizations not only aim to maximize shareholder value, but also strive to uphold the dignity of all stakeholders. This philosophical shift can profoundly influence the way we conduct business.

Humanistic Management Network: A Global Endeavor

The Humanistic Management Network (HMN) is an international body committed to bettering the field of management through humanistic practices. Established within multiple countries, each chapter of HMN is driven by the interest and needs of its local members and aligns itself with the broader goals of the network. The launching of the UK Chapter of HMN at The Young Foundation in London is an example of this growing international trend. Prominent speakers, including Mary Hodgson and Mathew Taylor, provided insights on the essence and future scope of humanistic management in the UK.

Shaping the Future of Business Ethics and Responsible Leadership

The Business Ethics Division of the German Association for Sustainability and Environmental Management (VNU), held an inaugural event at Fraport, one of the world’s leading airport operators. This event focused on the three core offerings of Ethics First, VNU’s executive training brand. It brought to light the importance of ethical reasoning in leadership and ways to incorporate sustainability in business practices.

Humanistic Management and Sustainability: Partners in Progress

HMN’s collaboration with various organizations reflects its commitment to sustainable practices. With Vaude, a renowned outdoor clothing and equipment manufacturer, HMN highlighted the company’s sustainability strategy and its values. The collaboration between HMN and IKEA Switzerland also marked progress in sustainable practices. HMN helped in designing and delivering the 2016 IKEA Switzerland Stakeholder Day, focusing on expanding the lifespan of furniture and contributing towards a circular economy.

Towards a Humanistic Future for the Global Business

The 5th Annual Humanistic Management Conference debated the concept of a World Ethos for Global Business. This attempted to outline a common spirit of legitimate, fair, and just business practice. The conference addressed the need to articulate a global ethos, the presence of such an ethos in today’s business world, and the role of civil society in promoting this ethos.

Making Impact Investing a Norm

The HMN course on Impact Investing at the University of St. Gallen in Switzerland highlighted the growing momentum of this theme in finance and social entrepreneurship communities. The course aimed to familiarize students with impact investing and encourage its integration into regular financial practices.

Leadership Recognitions: Appreciating Humanistic Contributions

HMN, while paving the road towards humanistic management, also appreciates exceptional contributions in the field. The Leadership Recognition in Humanistic Management Award celebrated contributions from Sandra Waddock and L. Hunter Lovins in 2015, two thought-leaders significantly adding to the “life-conducive” economic system.


A series of workshops, conferences, collaborations, and recognitions portray the spectrum of activities undertaken by the Humanistic Management Network. They further enlighten the ways a more “life-conducive” economic and business mindset can be achieved. Corporealizing a dignified and respectful treatment of all stakeholders, HMN is relentlessly paving its way to establish humanistic principles in the realm of contemporary management practices.