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Sandra Waddock, Galligan Chair of Strategic Management at Boston College and L. Hunter Lovins, CEO of NaturalCapitalism and Executive Member of the Club of Rome have received the 2015 Recognition for Leadership in Humanistic Management. The award was presented at the 2015 Academy of Management in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

The Leadership in Humanistic Management Recognition awards preeminent academics, practitioners, and policy makers who contribute to a "life-conducive" economic system in thought and action.  Prior recipients include Henry Mintzberg, Roger Martin, Ed Freeman, Mary Gentile, Anil Gupta as well as organizations such as SEMCO, DM, OECD Better Life, and UN PRME.

Sandra Waddock was recognized for her work on systemic change, social entreprise and environmental sustainability within research and teaching. "She has been an inspiration for many of us near and far with her foresight and humility[...] it seems like whatever path-breaking thinking has occured, Sandra has been there[...] her work on intellectual shamanism follows in that tradition."

L. Hunter Lovins was recognized for her widely-known work on Natural Capitalism and many of the basic concepts and insights regarding an environmentally sustainable economy. "As a public intellectual she has been able to influence many debates and contrary to the many doomsday prophets she has been able to spread an optimistic outlook." As a recipient of the alternative Nobel Prize, TIME Hero of the Planet and many other notable distinctions, the HM Network is  very grateful for her support, leadership and friendship.

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