• Global Intercultural Leadership Challenge

    Between the University of Applied Sciences, Laurea (Finland) and Universidad EAN (Colombia), a Global Virtual Module of Intercultural and Global Leadership will be undertaken. In this module you will learn about cultural diversity and how it aects modern-day work life in the globalized world of work. You will get to know some of the key elements of working internationally and interculturally, in both virtual and face-to-face teams. Also, the challenges of intercultural leadership will be explored. Although this is part of a Unit of Study of both Universities, since it will be supported through Blackboard, other members of the Humanistic Management Network can participate. Read More
  • Desafío global de intercambio cultural

    Entre la Universidad de Ciencias Aplicadas, Laurea (Finlandia) y Universidad EAN (Colombia), un módulo de Virtual Global de Liderazgo Intercultural Global se llevará a cabo. En este módulo usted aprenderá acerca de la diversidad cultural cómo esta afecta la vida laboral de hoy en día en un globalizado mundo de trabajo. Usted va a conocer algunos de los elementos clave de trabajo a nivel internacional e intercultural, tanto en equipos virtuales, como cara a cara. Además, se explorarán los retos de liderazgo intercultural. Aunque esto es parte de una unidad de estudio de ambas universidades, ya que se realizará a través de la pizarra, otros miembros de la Red de Gestión Humanista pueden participar.  Read More
  • Desafio global de intercâmbio cultural

    Entre a Universidade de Ciências Aplicadas, Laurea (Finlândia) e a Universidade EAN (Colômbia), um módulo de Virtual Global de Liderança Intercultural Global se realizará. Neste módulo você aprenderá a respeito de como a diversidade cultural afeta a vida trabalhista de hoje em dia num globalizado mundo de trabalho. Você vai conhecer alguns dos elementos finque de trabalho a nível internacional e intercultural, tanto em equipes virtuais, como cara a cara. Ademais, explorar-se-ão os retos de liderança intercultural. Ainda que isto é parte de uma unidade de estúdio de ambas universidades, já que realizar-se-á através da lousa, outros membros da Rede de Gerência Humanista põem participar.  Read More
  • Human Centered Executive Education

    We are editing a new book on Human Centered Executive Education. The speed of change in business and other organizations' environment and the urgency to address the challenges we face as a global community accelerate the need to transform the industrial prototype into a human centered paradigm in organizations and societies. In executive education this implies a need for change in both, program content and delivery. We consequently see a pertinent need for answering three main questions with regard to Executive Education programs around the world today. Read More
  • The 'Center for Humanistic Management' was launched

      The Center for Humanistic Management was established to do research, provide teaching and inform practice and policy along the precepts of humanistic management. Humanistic management respects and protects human dignity and promotes sustainable human well-being in line with the carrying capacity of the planet. Read More
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A group of organizations and most importantly, of curios people, decided to look for new ways of organizational arrangement to interact and collectively seek solutions to the challenges of sustainability that we are currently facing within them. It was an invitation to participants to explore together important questions through dialogical methodology of the World Café. It was an experience to live how organizations can invent new organizational cultures that are aligned with the level of human development that we are dreaming—and seeing in some humanisticly managed corporations, and also toencourage new ways of working within more powerful, touching and meaningful organizational scenarios.#despertandoorganizaciones

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Practical Wisdom in Management, Business Across Spiritual Traditions, by Theodore Roosevelt Malloch is the first ever case collectionon on the impact of spiritual and religious traditions on management.

This book is an exploration of how practical wisdom from spiritual traditions inspires corporate leadership and permeates many corporate cultures. Covering 10 major religions, this book includes in-depth case studies of 26 multinational corporations, analysed with an emphasis on their values and spiritual inspiration, alongside business and strategic issues.





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Two young Colombian entrepreneurs, Alejandro and Fernando, started five years ago their companies. Marq & Esdi, an interior designing company, and María Panela an ecclectic company (energy drinks, food production, social innovation) based on sugar-cane products, share the same dream: a sustainable capitalism. Since August 2014 we contact them to help strenght their humanistic management models in order to capitalize their interesting ideas.

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The International Program of the Executive MBA at the University of St.Gallen invited the Humanistic Management Center to join a panel discussion as well as a jury evaluating the presentations of a student assignment.

The International Executive MBA at the University of St. Gallen includes a sustainability module as part of the core curriculum. During the closing day of this four day module, taught by Robert Ruttmann from Bank Julius Baer, a panel discussion with invited guests as well as student presentations take center stage. On this year's panel were senior executives of Novo Nordisk, Nestlé, British American Tobacco, as well as the Humanistic Management Center. Given the diverse approaches to sustainability among the panelists and the active participation of the floor, the discussion was very lively and insightful.

For more information on the event please follow this link

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