• Humanistic Management Book Series growing

    The Humanistic Management Network has been editing a book series on Humanism in Business for about 5 years. We have a total of 11 volumes out now: take a look: http://www.palgrave.com/series/humanism-in-business-series/HBS/ Read More
  • Humanistic Management Conference in Mexico

    Save the date: Humanistic Management goes Latin America (Veracruz, Mexico) from March 25-27, 2015. La Gerencia Humanista- la protección de la dignidad humana y la promoción del bien común With our supporters at EGADE, UCC and USEM (program to follow shortly) Read More
  • Feria Internacional del Libro, Guadalajara, México.

    En el marco de la FIL Guadalajara, la Humanistic Management Network con ECOE ediciones estará lanzando el libro 'TENDENCIAS GERENCIALES. Gerencia Humanista Aplicada', en donde aparecen 12 casos exitosos de empresas a nivel global. Esta es la versión en español de nuestro libro "Humanistic Management in Practice" (Palgrave, 2010).  Este libro es la realización de los sueños de muchas personas, comenzando por los dueños, gerentes o grupos encargados de las empresas que aquí se presentan. Ellos querían— han logrado y están logrando— un mundo mejor. En ese sentido, se sentaron a pensar si era posible montar una empresa que se apartara radicalmente del enfoque tradicional de administración con base en “mandar y controlar”. Así, no solo cambiaron la imagen del “jefe” que solo está para hacer. Read More
  • Transforming Capitalism

    Capitalism has long had a bad reputation, and not only in the former communistic countries. The public discourse on continents such as Latin America and Africa has long been very critical of Anglo-Saxon style business. What is novel, however, is that with the new millennium, the discontent with capitalism seems to have become global. Even in Anglo-Saxon cultures, the former bastions of private property, free entrepreneurship and deregulated markets, shareholder capitalism has sparked widespread protests that unite such ideological foes as the tea party or the Occupy Wall Street movements. Read More
  • Case Studies in Social Entrepreneurship

    This book is an essential resource for the increasing number of facilitators that wish to help students learn about the promise and pitfalls of social enterprise. The oikos-Ashoka case competition for social entrepreneurship was conceived in 2007 as a way to help find great material and case studies in this emerging field. This fourth collection of oikos case studies is based on the winning cases from the 2010 to 2014 annual case competitions. These cases have been highly praised because they provide excellent learning opportunities, tell engaging stories, deal with recent situations, include quotations from key actors, are thought-provoking and controversial, require decision-making, provide clear take-aways and are all supported by teaching guidance and comprehensive teaching notes available to faculty. Read More
  • Case Studies in Corporate Sustainability and Social Entrepreneurship

    https://gre.presswarehouse.com/Books/BookDetail.aspx?productID=396383 In 2008, Ashoka launched the “Changemaker Campus Initiative” which applies Ashoka’s rigorous criteria to select and support universities as they develop and implement a comprehensive social entrepreneurship plan. Through the lessons learned from this network, and with input from its broader global network of those experienced in the field, Ashoka aims to set a new standard for social entrepreneurship education. Read More
  • Humanistic Perspectives on International Business and Management

    The world is witnessing a number of severe crises including climate change, rise of international terrorism, social inequities, food shortage, material and spiritual poverty. Some argue that globalization has exacerbated these crises, while others argue globalization can be part of the solution. Globalization, understood as the cross-border integration of markets for products, labor, capital and knowledge, clearly is a force that has the potential to change the experience of human existence as well as its consequences for current and future ecosystems. Read More
  • Human Centered Executive Education

    We are editing a new book on Human Centered Executive Education. The speed of change in business and other organizations' environment and the urgency to address the challenges we face as a global community accelerate the need to transform the industrial prototype into a human centered paradigm in organizations and societies. In executive education this implies a need for change in both, program content and delivery. We consequently see a pertinent need for answering three main questions with regard to Executive Education programs around the world today. Read More
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The Australia and New Zealand Chapter (ANZ) of the Humanistic Management Network invites you to the March 2015 edition of its series of events co-hosted with the Leadership Lab at the University of Adelaide in South Australia.

The March event is based on the notion that the developed world is experiencing unprecedented levels of social connectivity with inevitable implications for business and society. The nexus between personal experience and business activities has been bridged by communication technologies, creating an often public barometer for human sentiment.

We will welcome Prof Alf Westelius from Linköping University, Sweden on March 2nd to share his unique view of people and organisations. Alf has been involved in Executive Education for more than 30 years, exploring areas such as organisational change, technology integration and social leadership in organisations.

You can find further information on the schedule and registration details in the Invitation attached below.

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Humanising the Workplace is part of the Leadership Lab event series co-hosted by the Australia & New Zealand Chapter of the Humanistic Management Network at the University of Adelaide.

In February Mark LeBusque, will lead us in an interactive conversation on Humanising the Workplace.  Mark will talk about understanding the impacts of human instincts on change management, leadership, engagement, communication and team effectiveness, with a focus on the question - what is it to be human?

You can find further information in the Invitation attached below.

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our latest animated video on the Humanistic Management idea...

Humanistic Management Network Intro from Humanistic Management Network on Vimeo.


our latest animated video on the Humanistic Management idea...
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