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Welcome to The Humanistic Management Network

We are currently experiencing a world where the human being and its fundamental needs are increasingly broken down into material necessities. The 'economization' of everyday life is supplanting humanistic ideals. These ideals, however, have been the foundation of free, liberal, and democratic societies, focusing on human nature and its potential in a holistic way.

At The Humanistic Management Network we therefore believe that turning market economies into 'market societies' means biting the hand that feeds us for we put at risk the very foundation of social peace and cohesion that is fundamental for a thriving free market economy. Consequently, business leaders, policy makers, and academics need to look for prescriptions that are based on an understanding of human nature that goes beyond the reductionist homo oeconomicus model. Only then will we be able to generate and sustain prosperity in a global economy and enjoy the benefits of 'markets within societies'.

This is why we aim to be a catalyst of interdisciplinary inquiry with regards to the challenges we face today. This is why we have come to believe that through its unifying character humanism provides the necessary framework to guide our thinking on the future of market economies and the role of businesses therein.


On this website you will find some general information about The Humanistic Management Network, some details on our research activities as well as an overview of consulting services we offer.